Alternative Spring Break

Trade your beach towel or snowboard in for a tool belt this spring break. Many students are now taking an Alternative Spring Break instead of running around looking for the next party. Tusculum College, Johnson University, Salem University and Miami University students are all joining us during their individual Spring Breaks to volunteer their time to work instead of play.  Thank you all!

Alternative Spring Break projects are ideal for college students interested in making the most of their spring break by volunteering to help those in need.  An alternative Spring Break with LIVE-IT provides opportunities for personal, spiritual and professional growth. Our projects are a great way to give back to the local community.

On each Alternative Spring Break, students will work alongside other volunteers and team leaders in various environments and conditions. You may be asked to help clear clutter from a widow’s home, paint an orphan’s new bedroom wall, clear landscaping, or assist skilled contractors build a house. The opportunity to help widows and orphans living in the Smoky Mountains are not only a great addition to student resumes but are also an incredible blessing to the heart of both giver and receiver.

Do you know someone that would like to plan an Alternative Spring Break with LIVE-IT? Let’s get it going!