Army of One


What if every need could be met?

Army of One

What is The Army of One?

Working with those who see needs daily.

The Army of One is a program of LIVE-IT Ministries that works with local government and other agencies who regularly come in contact with the elderly and others in need. These agencies make referrals to LIVE-IT who visits them and determines the resources needed to meet the need. The needs are then mapped based on location and need type.

Working with those who can meet needs regularly.

"For we have found that most often the greatest need is a loving community."

Although we work with a variety of organizations to meet needs we believe the local church is specifically called to "love their neighbor." Therefore the location of churches within the county are mapped. When a new need is placed on the map we can then identify a church in close proximity to that need.

How It Works

LIVE-IT asks churches to commit to an outreach zone to help neighbors in need around their church. LIVE-IT helps train volunteers from the churches to meet needs that are being identified by Home Health Agencies, the local Senior Center, Office on Aging, etc. Each church through their volunteers meet the needs within their specified outreach zone. With outreach zones overlapping all the needs in a particular area can be met.

Sevier County, Tennessee (Needs Mapping)

Purple with Red Car = MyRide Needs
Orange = Needed Home Repairs
Red = Lonely and Isolated Individuals need Visitation


Purple with Plus = Church Locations

Example of Church Outreach Zone

LIVE-IT is partnering with local churches to match local needs with a nearby community church. We are seeking partner churches that will actively participate in evaluating and serving the needs of neighbors within your church community’s neighborhood. Here is your chance to learn more about the Army of One.





We appreciate any and all individuals that are willing and able to share their time to volunteer in their community. We know that your time is a precious gift that you are sharing.

Together We Can Make A Difference!