About Us

LIVE-IT Mission:

To glorify God by loving people. LIVE-IT brings people together, through community, to meet the needs of those less fortunate and alone.

Our Vision: We envision a world where everyone
belongs to a community that loves and cares for them.

Widows and Children Are Suffering.

  • Poor nutrition
  • Poor health
  • Homes that are cold in the winter
  • Homes that are hot in the summer
  • Homes that are falling apart

Many of the homes these women and children live in are in such bad shape, they are beyond what most people could ever imagine habitable. These neglected souls have homes that are crumbling with unhealthy and dangerous conditions. Some are raising their grandchildren because their parents are incarcerated, have addiction or died.Conditions that cause respiratory issues and trip hazards can be extremely dangerous, not only because of the widow's advanced age, but can also be hazardous for children, pets, or anyone staying in the home. Who helps the widow and orphan in their distress?



Together We Can...

Everyone has the ability to help someone else. Many elderly widows are home bound but miss having a connection with others in the community. Many just need a little nudge and encouragement. By helping to build connections with individuals, area organizations and/or church groups we can build a bond that will continue to nurture our neighbors in need.


While there are hundreds of volunteers that help to facilitate the hands, feet and movement to our effort, here is a little bit about our team leaders.


Paul Danis, President

Founded LIVE-IT ministry in Sevier County, TN with his wife Terri Danis in 2010.  Prior to his involvement with the LIVE-IT ministry, Paul served 12 years with the U.S. Navy.  During his service, Paul studied at the Navy Campus for Achievement earning his nursing degree. After his service with the Navy, Paul worked with Hill-Rom, a biomedical company for 9 years as a Regional Director. Later Paul moved to Sevier County and owned a Century 21 Real Estate Office. When Paul was ordained in 2005 he began working as a Senior Adult Pastor with a local church before founding LIVE-IT.


Terri Danis, Executive Director

Founded the LIVE-IT ministry in Seymour, TN, with her husband Paul in 2010.  Prior to her involvement with the LIVE-IT ministry, Terri studied at North East Alabama State College earning her degree in nursing. After 20 years experience in nursing Terri moved to Sevier County in 2000 work as a Broker with Paul in Real Estate. In 2007 Terri joined the staff of a local church before founding LIVE-IT.


Michelle Hurton, Outreach Coordinator

Michelle comes to us with a B.A. in psychology from Messiah College and an M.S. in psychology from Shippensburg University.  Before joining the LIVE-IT team in 2018, Michelle served on the staff of a local church for over 12 years. She has also served as the director of a Christian nonprofit organization and has experience in counseling.


Mykael Lourens, Community Relations

Mykael has a BA in Visual Communications. In addition to over 20+ years of experience in marketing and design as a freelance Graphic Designer she has also functioned for years in business management. Prior to pledging her help to LIVE-IT, she spent years as the General Manager for a local cabin rental company. Mykael loves to spend her free time oil painting, visiting museums and sharing time with her husband and their two Pomeranians.


Board of Directors

 Bruce Anderson
Home Depot


Pete Owens
Director of Public Relations, Dollywood

Dustin Brackins
Smart Bank



New Board Members. Photos Coming Soon!

Andrew Rup
Jody West
Dion Hunt

Dana Laney
Family Nurse Practioner MSN, RN, CPN


Scott Hughes
Financial Management

Next Steps...

Volunteers both skilled and unskilled are needed all year round. If you are interested in learning more about how you can personally help or you would like to bring a group to help, contact us today! We look forward to having you join the team!

Sponsorship Support

How can you help?

Donations go a long way!! We appreciate all offerings. You can give a one time gift, monthly contributions, adopt a project, leave land or items to LIVE-IT. Together we can help stop needless suffering. Learn more about donations.