MyRide Sevier County


MyRide Sevier County

LIVE-IT’s new program MyRide Sevier County is designed to provide Sevier County seniors, 60 years and older, with much needed transportation. Rides to doctor appointments, pharmacies or grocery stores can help them maintain their independence, enabling them to lead a healthier, more productive life and therefore a happier one. It is a volunteer-based service that utilizes advanced internet software to schedule, track, maintain and manage common destinations and repeat riders. Volunteers are provided internet access to all scheduled riders and the ability to choose a convenient time. Volunteer drivers can even schedule to have a senior’s ride coincide with one they were already planning for themselves. The ease and flexibility of the program make it a great fit for both senior citizen riders and volunteer drivers alike.

If you would like to learn more about how to qualify for the MyRide Sevier County program register here.

If you would like to learn more about volunteering with MyRide Sevier County, please call 865-773-0715 or fill out our volunteer interest form.

20,414 Residences in Sevier County are over the age of 65.


7,349 of neighbors have 4 or more chronic diseases that they must endure and deal with on a daily basis.


 1,429 depend on others to drive them to essential places like their doctor visits and grocery shopping.



However, the good news is that 12,657 of seniors are actively involved in their community. We’re looking for 100 to help.



Volunteer today to be a MyRide Volunteer Driver.

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