Ramp Build Urgent Need

We have an caring older couple that reside in Wears Valley that have an urgent need for ramp to be built. Our Neighbor in need built most of their home himself but was never able to complete the house fully. He sustained several major back injuries while locally building log homes over the years. Sadly his injuries have become exacerbated over time. He and his wife also have other major health issues including advanced Crohn’s disease and heart problems.  Due to their failing health they have been unable to keep up with their property and as a result there are various unfinished projects around their home. The most pressing need that has arisen suddenly is for a handicap ramp that will enable their paraplegic daughter to access the home. The cost to build and install will be $2800.00.

Their daughter, was recently admitted to a hospital with no expectation to live. Through God’s grace and mercy she survived to the amazement of the doctors but she has a long road to full recovery. The doctors believe she will be paralyzed from her waist down for the rest of her life. The immediate need is to build a handicap ramp so that she can safely enter and exit the home. The state insurance has denied her coverage for a long term health recovery center so she is being forced to come home prematurely. This ramp project is a great financial burden for the family. They believe God will see them through this and supply all their needs. As the Church, we are God’s hands and feet. Let’s join together and be His kingdom and love our neighbors.

In spite of their personal hardship they are eager to serve others in the community when they are able. They also need to complete a back bedroom so that their granddaughter and her new baby their great-grand-daughter may have a safe place to call home. The need for insulation, yard clean-up, dumpster, back porch repairs, and other related areas of need are all ways that we can show love and compassion for this caring family in their time of need.

We need donations and volunteers to help with this urgent need. Contact us today to be apart of putting Faith In Action and Loving our Neighbors!



We need carpenters, contractor, and/or handymen that have building experience … in other words if you are comfortable around a build site we need your help. We have two days of work with 5 individuals needed per shift. 2 shifts. 9AM – 1PM and 1PM – 5PM. If you are ready to volunteer sign up now and please remember to let us know what shifts you are available.