MyRide Qualifications


MyRide Sevier County

LIVE-IT’s new program MyRide Sevier County is designed to provide Sevier County seniors, 60 years and older, with much needed transportation. Rides to doctor appointments, pharmacies or grocery stores can help them maintain their independence, enabling them to lead a healthier, more productive life and therefore a happier one. It is a volunteer-based service that utilizes advanced internet software to schedule, track, maintain and manage common destinations and repeat riders. Volunteers are provided internet access to all scheduled riders and the ability to choose a convenient time. Volunteer drivers can even schedule to have a senior’s ride coincide with one they were already planning for themselves. The ease and flexibility of the program make it a great fit for both senior citizen riders and volunteer drivers alike.

Criteria to qualify for MyRide Sevier County:  

  • Must be a resident of Sevier County and need rides to essential services within Sevier County
  • Adults age 60 and over
  • All applications are subject to approval by the MyRideSevier County Advisory Board.
  • Ambulatory – canes, walkers, and oxygen are permissible ·Basic self-care with little or no assistance.
  • Lives independently
  • Managed incontinence
  • Able to communicate with and understand driver
  • Advanced dementia requires an escort
  • Escort must be 18 years or older
  • Escorts ride free, but must be picked up and dropped off at the same location as rider.  1 escort per rider and escort must be with rider during entire trip.
  • Riders should give 24 hour cancellation notice if possible
  • Riders should schedule 3 business days in advance to secure driver
  • Must be able to pay $25.00 annual membership fee and $6.00 per round-trip ride

To apply, call 865-773-0715