Community Ambassador

What is a Community Ambassador?

  • Community Ambassadors are volunteers that feel called to outreach and have a desire to help those that are living in poor living conditions.
  • Community Ambassadors are liaisons between the church and the community.
  • Community Ambassadors also helps find volunteers that may or may not be active members of a church body that are willing and able to assist neighbors in need.

Neighbors in Need are referred to LIVE-IT via the Army of One.

What is the Army of One?

Churches commit to an outreach zone to help neighbors in need around their church. LIVE-IT helps train volunteers from the churches to meet needs that are being identified by Home Health Agencies, the local Senior Center, Office on Aging, etc. Each church through their volunteers meet the needs within their specified outreach zone. With outreach zones overlapping all the needs in a particular area can be met.

Community Ambassador

To begin the process we need you to fill out the application below. We look forward to working with you in the neighborhood!